Posted on 28 Nov 2016 in News WFOT

The Francesco Riccardo Monti prize was stablished by the Francesco Ricardo Monti foundation in Italy during 2010, for life time achievements, as a recognition for scientific work done to spread Oxygen-Ozone Therapy practice in Italy and around the world.

The committee decided to award the 2016 prize “Francesco Riccardo Monti” to Professors:

Silvia Menéndez
Jose Baeza Noci

Professor Silvia Menendez (Cuba), has the great merit of having spread the oxygen ozone therapy practice with scientific rigor in Cental and South America, starting from his native country, Cuba, particularly through the Research Centre for Ozone therapy from La Havana city.

Professor José Baeza Noci (Spain) is rewarded for the great merit of having managed, as President of the WFOT, promoting research into ozone and simultaneously managing to unite under a single banner – WFOT – all national scientific societies of ozone therapy.

You can download the brochure, here.