Posted on 18 Apr 2016 in News WFOT members

From 11th to 17th of April, Dr. Emilia Serra, ABOZ President, and Dr. Baeza, WFOT President, have been working side by side in Brazil to settle down the basis for a regulation process of ozone therapy in this country. Although there is strong opposition from skeptics doctors, Brazilian people and some Brazilian politicians are willing to have our techniques included in their SUS (Unique Health System).
A formal regulation process has started in Mato Grosso state and more states are trying to start their regulation processes. A federal movement is also developing to create a national regulation and coordination between different regionals initiatives.
The WFOT, through its President and the Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Committee – Dr. Lamberto Re, is and will be working together ABOZ to drive this huge movement to a successful destiny.