Posted on 1 Aug 2020 in News WFOT

After 5 days in hospital with COVID-19, last 2 days in ICU, Dr. Ramiro Alvaro passed away. A fulminant and fatal evolution of this disease brought about this ending. The hospital manager did not allow to use ozone therapy and AMBOT asked for legal help according to Helsinky’s declaration, but they had virtually no time to do it.

A great man, moral gentleman, wonderful teacher, rationale doctor and best friend will no longer be among us. Those fortunate that knew him pray for his soul with tears in our eyes.

He fought like a lion for the scientific recognition of ozone therapy in his country, Bolivia. Founded AMBOT, the Bolivian Medical Ozone Therapy Association. His prominent role in neurosurgery in all South America was a great help to widespread the use of medical ozone in his specialization and others, strongly defending it whether in his country or outside.

Rest in piece, my friend.