The Official Journal of the WOFT

The publication of this journal was discontinued in 2014. Public access was terminated this year when the editor closed its web site.

As past official journal of the WFOT, we offer you here access to all published numbers, until the University of Valencia starts its hosting to us (more info).

2002: ijot_1_1_id74 ijot_1_2_id75
2003: ijot_2_1_id72 ijot_2_2_id73
2004: ijot_3_1_id70 ijot_3_2_id71
2005: ijot_4_1_id68 ijot_4_2_id69
2006: ijot_5_1_id66 ijot_5_2_id67
2007: ijot_6_1_id64 ijot_6_2_id65
2008: ijot_7_1_id62 ijot_7_2_id63
2009: ijot_8_1_id60 ijot_8_2_id61
2010: ijot_9_1_id59 ijot_9_2_id58
2011: ijot_10_1_id76 ijot_10_2_id77
2012: ijot_11_1_id78 ijot_11_2_id79
2013: ijot_12_1_id80 ijot_12_2_id81