Posted on 1 Apr 2020 in News WFOT

In February, when COVID19 epidemic was declared in the north of Italy, the President, Vice-President and Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Committee contacted several Chinese doctors, including the Chairman of the Chinese Federation of Ozone Therapy to ask about the use of systemic ozone in their country. The replied after a while saying that ozone had been used for disinfection and only one hospital in Guangshan had treated COVID19 patients with good results but without idea of protocols used or an official document with verifiable information. Later on, we found the information about other 3 clinical trials being carried out in China using systemic ozone.

WFOT has not received official information about the results from the 3 trials coordinated by Tiajin University and Union Hospital in Wuhan nor from the trial in Guangshan People’s Hospital yet. Despite this, as the unofficial information from China is encouraging, our Scientific Advisory Committee, with the few details received from the protocol being used in China, the protocol developed by NuovaFIO and after a systematic review of the papers published about ozone therapy is working in a proposal for clinical studies. This proposal has been sent to doctors that have real chances to develop a clinical study strictly executable ONLY under formal authorization from hospital’s ethic committee or equivalent responsible authority.

The patients should be ALSO treated according the recommendations of the Health Authorities of the country, as the ozone treatment presently can only complement the official treatments.

We have the greatest interest in save lives with ozone therapy, if it is really useful as we have been told, in COVID19 patients, but we don’t want to encourage any doctor to use ozone with these patients without the mandatory official authorization. This will cause a very negative effect on the still weak reputation of ozone therapy in the scientific community.