Posted on 26 Mar 2018 in News WFOT

We have published both, issue 1 an 2 in the Open Journal System platform of the University of Valencia and the indexation in Google Schoolar has been almost immediate.

Papers for issue 3 are under peer-review or in edition. Soon, all the authors will get their galleys.

But we are working heavily with the University of Valencia to unify the HTML platform ( and the OJS one. OJS is not very nice nor flexible for mobile devices. This is the reason we are also trying to improve all the aesthetics from HTML into OJS. We hope to get it ready for issue 3 in July.

Meanwhile, our journal will rely on two platforms, with the same contents:

The first one looks very nice but does not index data very well. The second is just the opposite. We expect to have the integration in the next months.