Society Members


Duly constituted Medical Ozone National or Continental Societies. This category is open to democratically constituted scientific societies dedicated to promote the use of Ozone in the different fields of health care.


Argentinean Medical Association of Oxygen-Ozone Therapy (AMAOO) – Argentina

President Dr R. Matera

Medical Bolivian Association of Ozone Therapy (AMBOT) – Bolivia

President Dr. J. Córdova

Brazilian Association of Ozone Therapy (ABOZ) – Brasil

President Dr. A. de Souza

Brazilian Medical Association of Ozone Therapy (SOBOM) – Brasil

President Dr. E.G. Serra

Professional Association for Prevention and Treatment with Ozone in Chile (APPTO3Chile) – Chile

President Dr. I.Y. Alvarado

Colombian Association of Ozone Therapy (ACDO) – Colombia

President Dr. C.E. Rojas

Egyptian Medical Society for Ozone Therapy and Complementary medicine – Egypt

President Dr. T. Tanbouli

Greek Scientific Association of Oxygen Ozone Therapy – Greece

President Dr. E. Iliakis

Ozone Forum of India (OFI) – India

President Dr. M. Shah

Italian Federation of Oxygen Ozone Therapy (FIO) – Italy

President Dr. M. Bonetti

Eumédica – Italy

President Dr. G. Barco

Mongolian Ozone and Alternative Therapies Association (MOATA) – Mongolia

President Dr. T. Munkhtuya

Pakistan Ozone Society (POS) – Pakistan

President Dr. U.R. Chaundry

Peruvian Ozone Association (APO3) – Perú

President Dr. C. Cabrera

Polish Ozone Association (PO3T) – Poland

President Dr. I. Ponikowska

Portuguese Association of Ozone Therapy (SPOT) – Portugal

President Dr. J. Gonçalves

Romanian Scientific Association of Oxygen-Ozone Therapy (SSROOT) – Romania

President Dr. S. Tiron

Spanish Association of Ozone Therapy (SEOT) – Spain

President Dr. J. Baeza

Spanish Scientific Association of Oxygen-Ozone Therapy (ACEOOT) – Spain

President Dr. C. Llagostera

Swiss Medical Association for the use of Ozone in Therapy and Prevention (SAGOS) – Switzerland

President Dr. A. Buehler

Turkish Medical Ozone Association (MODER) – Turkey

President Dr. L. Yeprem

Turkish Medical Ozone Therapy Association (MOTDER) – Turkey

President Dr. N. Lüleci

American Academy of Ozone Therapy (AAOT) – U.S.A.

President Dr. F. Schallenberger

Uruguay Ozone Association (AUROZ) – Uruguay

President Dr. M. Ferrari

Venezuela Association of Ozone Therapy (SOVEOT) – Venezuela

President Dr. O. Betancourt

National Sections


Two or more Individual Members belonging to the same country can propose the General Assembly to create a WFOT National Section. This National Section will have the same rights and duties as a Society Member. The National Section will have a delegate inside the WFOT Board that will represent these Individual Members, acting as the Section’s Chairman. This Section’s Chairman should be elected by democratic procedures among the Section’s members.

AustraliaAustralian WFOT Section – Australia

Chairman Dr. W. Koss

ChinaChinese Federation of Ozone Therapy – Chinese WFOT Section (CFOT) – China

Chairman Dr. He X.F.

Costa Rica WFOT Section – Costa Rica

Chairman Dr. C.A. Contreras

Cuban WFOT Section – Cuba

Chairman Dr. S. Menendez

Japanese WFOT Section – Japan

Chairman Dr. Y. Shimpuku

MexicoMexican WFOT Section – Mexico

Chairman Dr. A. Nayen

NicaraguaNicaraguan WFOT Section – Nicaragua

Chairman Dr. M. Calero

SlovakiaSlovak WFOT Section – Slovakia

Chairman Dr. J. Vyletelka

KoreaSouth Korean WFOT Section – South Korea

Chairman Dr. B.C. Jeon

International Sections


Two or more Society Members, due to geographic, language or cultural reasons, can propose the General Assembly to create an International Section. The International Section will have a representative that will act as the Section’s Chairman. This Section’s Chairman should be elected by democratic procedures among the Section’s members.

FILAOT logoFederación Ibero-Latino-Americana de Ozono Terapia – Ibero-Latino-American WFOT Section (FILAOT)

Chairman Dr. I.Y. Alvarado

Individual Members


This category shall be limited to health practitioners (physicians, odontologist and veterinaries) and investigators active in the medical use of ozone.

Dr. M. Aminiyan – Iran

Dr. M. Bonetti – Italy

Dr. C.E. Cerigliani – Argentina

Dr. J. Céspedes – Cuba

Dr. V. Covi – Italy

Dr. R. Crossa – Uruguay

Dr. I. Dennis – Canada

Dr. A. Fathi – Egypt

Dr. J. Faus – Spain

Dr. E. Flores Colín (DVM) – Mexico

Dr. A. Fontana – Italy

Dr. S. G. Gayón Amaro (DVM) – Mexico

Dr. S. Ghatge – India

Dr. R. Gracer – USA

Dr. A.M. Grangeat – Argentina

Dr. S. Jhala – India

Dr. E.W. Lis – Argentina

Dr. Y. Martin – Cuba

Dr. K. Murad – India

Dr. O. Pepa – Argentina

Dr. F. Roshanzamir – Iran

Dr. G. Tabaracci – Italy

Dr. F.X. Vilasuso – USA

Associate Members


The category is open to any individual not eligible for Individual Membership.

Honorary Members


Honorary Membership is conferred by the WFOT upon individuals who are judged to have made outstanding contributions. Individuals who are considered suitably distinguished may be nominated as Honorary Presidents of the WFOT.

Dr. V.S. Kumar – India † (Past President and Founding Member)

Dr. M. Leonardi – Italy † (Honorary President and Founding Member)

Emeritus Members


An Individual Member who is no longer in active practice may apply to the Membership Committee to modify his or her status. Emeritus Members have all the rights and privileges of membership of the WFOT, but are not entitled to vote, either to serve on Committees except as consultants or to hold any office in the WFOT.

Dr. M Murga – Spain

Corporate Members


This category is open to companies active in fields related to the medical use of ozone and interested in closer collaboration with the WFOT.

ZAMTZibo Qianyan Medical Instrument Co., Ltd (ZAMT)

CEO Y. Nianmin

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