New ozone therapy unit opened in China

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The morning of 18 April, the Jiangao region of Nanfang hospital, with 51 beds, equipped with DSA, CT, ultrasound, DR and medical ozone generator, ozone fumigation box, ozone bath care equipment, ozone ozone water and oil production equipment can be carried out a variety of equipment, ozone treatment technologies, including ozone autohemotherapy, ozone treatment of cervical and lumbar disc herniation, ozone treatment of various sinus and fistula, ozone treatment of skin disease, ozone, ozone cosmetic enema in the treatment of chronic enteritis, ozone treatment of tubal blockage, and tumor intervention pain.

Issues 1 and 2 published in the Journal of Ozone Therapy

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We have published both, issue 1 an 2 in the Open Journal System platform of the University of Valencia and the indexation in Google Schoolar has been almost immediate.

Papers for issue 3 are under peer-review or in edition. Soon, all the authors will get their galleys.

But we are working heavily with the University of Valencia to unify the HTML platform ( and the OJS one. OJS is not very nice nor flexible for mobile devices. This is the reason we are also trying to improve all the aesthetics from HTML into OJS. We hope to get it ready for issue 3 in July.

Meanwhile, our journal will rely on two platforms, with the same contents:

The first one looks very nice but does not index data very well. The second is just the opposite. We expect to have the integration in the next months.

New dates and venue place for the VI WFOT meeting in China

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Due to technical reasons, the Chinese Federation of Ozone Therapy – CFOT has moved the VI WFOT meeting to November and they have chosen a much bigger hotel, due to the great expectation this meeting is causing all over the world.

We have waited some days until getting full confirmation.

Our deepest apologizes for any inconvenience this change may have produced.

Please, proceed to the 6th WFOT meeting web page.

Updated info on the VI WFOT meeting in China

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Updated info on the VI WFOT meeting in China

Please, have a look at the official web page of the VI WFOT meeting here.

The registration fee is very low and includes accommodation during the event, so … what are you waiting for?

Great success of the “BIG” Ancona congress

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Great success of the “BIG” Ancona congress

The World Congress of Ancona, organized under the auspices of WFOT and FIO in the month of September 2017, represented a real success for all the Ozone Therapists worldwide.

With the participation of 12 sponsor and under the patronage of almost 10 institutional entities including the University Polytechnic of Marche Region, it was able to attract more than 240 attendants from almost 24 Countries from all over the World.

The 60 international speakers  gave lectures on the last news on the use of ozone in Medicine, in Veterinary and in Dentistry at the higher level of excellence.

All the most recent evidences and uses of ozone in the different fields of medicine have been discussed by the world’s leaders in Ozone Therapy in almost VIII sessions showing the wide clinical range of application of ozone therapy:


Round Tables and 3 Workshops concluded the intense program who received the attention of the Press and Local Authorities.

Our friend Lamberto, on behalf of WFOT and FIO, extend his deep thanks to all the people who made possible and successfully a such magnificent event.

The real truth about the Bocci/ISCO3 story

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The attempt to harm the reputation of Prof. Velio Bocci and of some WFOT’s members is miserably failed: below the documents confirming Professor Bocci’s definitive resignation from ISCO3 and all satellite associations.

In WFOT’s inbox, we have received an email from Thomas de Vito, an Italian lawyer representing Professor Velio Bocci, with attached documents you can read below.

This email, in order to protect the prestige and the name of Prof Bocci,  asks WFOT to act as witness of his resignation from ISCO3 together with his comments on “Madrid Declaration” documents and on some ISCO3 behaviors.

Due to the great respect to Dr. Bocci, sure to interpret his instructions, we post below the Dr. Bocci’s resignation letter with comments on ISCO3 and some letters from Thomas de Vito to ISCO3 to assure the authenticity of this letter and his thoughts about ISCO3.

 letter of resignation from honorary ISCO3 presidency of Velio B

Bocci vs Isco 3


BOCCI vs ISCO 3 esp

carta de don velio bocci

Next General Assembly in Ancona – Italy

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The next WFOT General Assembly will take place during the Ancona International Meeting – Italy on 22th of September at 12:30. All the members should receive in brief the announcement with the agenda; we will discuss the admission of new members.


Next WFOT meeting: Guangzhou – September 7th to 9th, 2018

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Next WFOT meeting: Guangzhou – September 7th to 9th, 2018

During the past meeting of the CFOT – Chinese Federation of Ozone Therapy / Chinese WFOT National  Section, the board of this organization, presided by Prof. He Xiaofeng, WFOT President, decided to organize the 6th WFOT Meeting in Guangzhou, from 7th to 9th of September, 2018.

Please book these dates in your agenda. We will informe you about the preliminay program within the next months.


New update in WFOT’s library: “ozonized saline”.

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New update in WFOT’s library: “ozonized saline”.

Some medical ozone associations are promoting the use of ozonated saline solutions as a method classifiable as Ozone Therapy. This is documented also by the “Second edition of Madrid Declaration on Ozone Therapy” edited by ISCO3 (International Scientific Committee on Ozone Therapy) that included this technique in its training courses.

The World Federation of Ozone Therapy – WFOT, very worried about this fact, has made a deep study through its Scientific Advisory Committee. You can read the document in our library.

Our Journal – JO3T … HACKED!

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Our Journal – JO3T … HACKED!

During past February we started suffering problems in our journal’s web site ( and finally we detected that we have been hacked! For the following two months we stop the edition and devoted our resources to solve the problem. The best option was to create a new secure domain inside our Internet provider, so since May, our journal can be found at:

All the publications have suffered an ENORMOUS delay due to the fact that the emails from the editors of our journal have been marked as SPAM, so never got their final destiny.

We apologize for this delay to all the authors and we will try to update the publications in the coming months!!!