The University of Verona offers an official Master in Ozone therapy.

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The University of Verona offers an official Master in Ozone therapy.

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I’m happy to inform you that the University of Verona is offering the Master in “Oxygen-ozone therapy in the medical practice: from basic mechanisms to treatment”, an official postgraduate education.

The Master is addressed to graduates in Medicine and Surgery and aims to respond to the strong demand for highly professional courses in oxygen-ozone therapy, a field of growing interest in Italy and abroad. Lessons will be given by teachers of the University of Verona and other Italian and foreign institutions as well as by Italian and foreign experts of recognized scientific and clinical competence. The educational offer will range from basic notions to the latest research findings, from the therapeutic applications in various medical fields to the medico-legal aspects; consistent with the international character of the course, this will be done in the frame of a theoretical-practical formative context characterized by the exchange of scientific, technical and therapeutic experience.

All the lessons will be given online: you should not come to Verona.

The registration is already open and will last until 15 November 2021. 

All the necessary information is available (in Italian and English, respectively) at the link:



On 5 August 2021, the prestigious Journal of Emergency Medicine accepted for upcoming publication a paper entitled “Correcting Misinformation about the Science and Practice of Evidence-Based, Safe and Effective Ozone Therapy”. For further details, see the upcoming 2021 issue of Journal of Ozone Therapy and watch this space.

Arnoldo de Souza, ABOZ President, passed away because of COVID-19

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Arnoldo de Souza, ABOZ President, passed away because of COVID-19

Our friend Arnoldo, last President of ABOZ, died yesterday in Hospital Norte Dor, in Rio de Janeiro, after several days in ICU. Hospitalized since March 14, Arnoldo had already received the two vaccines against the virus, but ended up testing positive and, since then, has been fighting for survival.

Our deepest and most sincere condolences to his family.



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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the VII WFOT meeting, that will be hold in Bucharest – Romania will be postponed again. The Romanian Government advises us to place the meeting in 2022 in order to guarantee a safe international event:

  • JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel.
    Calea 13 Septembrie 90, București 050726
  • 6th and 7th of May, 2022.
  • Pre-meeting workshops on 5th.

You can get updated information and registration in the meeting’s web site:

LAST NEWS: Ozone and COVID19

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LAST NEWS: Ozone and COVID19

Three more trials are going on in China; two coordinated by Tinjian Universiy and a third one in Wuhan’s Union Hospital. We only have a preliminary report of the first two cases. Another trial is waiting for approval in Italy and two more trials are being prepared in Portugal and Brazil, all last three with WFOT’s help. We hope that last trials are approved and we soon get data enough to help our patients. WFOT will not publish preliminary protocols or data without permission from the trial’s coordinator unless it is required by health authorities. Meanwhile, we must follow STRICTLY the advises from these authorities.

UPDATE – 27/03/2020

The Italian trial, under the auspicies of Nuova FIO, has been authorized officially by the Ethic Commmittee of Sapienza University… soon we could see the progress here.

Other trials have been accepted in hospitals of Romania and Turkey and are pending their ethic committees’ final approval.

UPDATE – 06/04/2020

The University Hospital Santa Maria della Misericordia in Udine – Italy has done a pilot study under the approval of the hospital’s ethical committee. They obtained very positive results in 35 of the 36 patients treated, reducing the intubation rate from 15% to 3%. They have applied for approval from Spallanzani Institute in Rome to start a randomized clinical trial.

UPDATE – 10/04/2020

The University Hospital Santa Maria della Misericordia in Udine – Italy has got approval of its ethical committee to start a randomized clinical trial.  Spallanzani Institute in Rome and AIFA (Italian Drug Agency) have declared themselves as not competent to approve the trial as ozone is not a drug. Several hospitals are sending applications to this hospital in order to join its clinical trial.

UPDATE – 01/06/2020

Another hospital in Italy has got approval to start using ozone for COVID-19 by its ethical committee. The Policlinic University Hospital of Bari is treating its COVID-19 patients with systemic indirect endovenous ozone therapy. This will benefit many patients and enforce the recognition of ozone therapy amongst the medical community.

UPDATE – 04/07/2020

The reduced incidence in Italy of COVID-19 is braking the development of the two RCT started in April. Meanwhile, today has been approved in Brazil a multicenter  RCT to evaluate the safety and efficacy of ozone in COVD-19. The experience of compassionate use in Perú has reached the milestone of 300 patients.

UPDATE – 06/09/2020

Several publications to justify the use of ozone in COVD-19 have been published in peer-reviewed journal and the first papers on clinical results (case reports with SIEVOT and Rectal Insufflation and non-randomized clinical trials from Spain) are showing the scientific community that ozone therapy is a REAL option in this pandemic.

UPDATE – 23/12/2020

Mili Shah, president of Ozone Forum of India, has led a scientific team conducting a randomized clinical trial with rectal ozone and that confirms the efficacy and safety of ozone therapy in COVID-19 patients. Two hospitals in Delhi are still using it to treat their patients. The trial has been published in Elservier’s journal International Immunopharmacology.

Ozonated saline IS NOT ozone therapy!!!

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Ozonated saline IS NOT ozone therapy!!!

And can be a dangerous technique. A new paper from China has checked the production of chlorate in ozonated saline. Bocci in his well-known book “Ozone: a new medical drug” (1) devoted chapter 6.3 to explain the risk of using this procedure that, moreover and according reputed Russian chemists(2), does NOT leave ozone dissolved in the saline solution.

We again want to express that ozonated saline IS NOT ozone therapy, because NO OZONE remains in the solution according to the experiments published and because only other molecules, very different from ozone, interact with the patients blood. We don’t say it is not effective, but has nothing to do with ozone therapy from the biochemical point of view.

Not to talk about the lack of published preclinical tests of toxicity and mutagenicity. We can read a compilation of all tests done with ozone in rectal insufflation and indirect endovenous administration (even some test for intraperitoneal aproach) in a paper published by the Journal of Ozone Therapy(3).


1 Bocci V. Ozone A new medical drug. 2nd ed. Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer; 2011.
Razumovskii, S.D., Konstantinova, M.L., Grinevich, T.V. et al. Mechanism and kinetics of the reaction of ozone with sodium chloride in aqueous solutions. Kinet Catal. 2010;51:492.
3 Menendez-Cepero S, Zamora Z, Hernandez F. Importance of the toxicological tests in the application and safety of ozone therapy. J Ozone Ther. 2018; 2(3). doi:10.7203/jo3t.2.3.2018.10009.

COVID-19 took life away from our friend Ramiro Alvarado.

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COVID-19 took life away from our friend Ramiro Alvarado.

After 5 days in hospital with COVID-19, last 2 days in ICU, Dr. Ramiro Alvaro passed away. A fulminant and fatal evolution of this disease brought about this ending. The hospital manager did not allow to use ozone therapy and AMBOT asked for legal help according to Helsinky’s declaration, but they had virtually no time to do it.

A great man, moral gentleman, wonderful teacher, rationale doctor and best friend will no longer be among us. Those fortunate that knew him pray for his soul with tears in our eyes.

He fought like a lion for the scientific recognition of ozone therapy in his country, Bolivia. Founded AMBOT, the Bolivian Medical Ozone Therapy Association. His prominent role in neurosurgery in all South America was a great help to widespread the use of medical ozone in his specialization and others, strongly defending it whether in his country or outside.

Rest in piece, my friend.

Romania fights against COVID-19 using medical ozone

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Romania fights against COVID-19 using medical ozone

We inform you that due to the sustained efforts of Dr. Stefan Tiron, President of WFOT and SSROOT, a collaboration protocol was concluded in Romania between Romanian Scientific Society of Oxygen Ozone Therapy and the Romanian Society of Anesthesia and Intensive Care,  for the introduction of ozone therapy in intensive care units, as an adjuvant treatment of current infection with SARS-CoV-2.

At this time, this protocol has already been included in COVID-19 treatment in 7 hospitals from Romania, as follow:

    1. Infectious Diseases Hospital “Victor Babes” – BUCHAREST
    2. National Institute of Infections Diseases – Prof. Dr. Matei Bals – BUCHAREST
    3. Clinical Hospital for Infectious Diseases and PNF “Victor Babes” – CRAIOVA
    4. Timisoara Emergency Clinical Hospital – TIMISOARA
    5. Emergency Clinical Hospital – Prof. Dr. Nicolae Oblu – IASI
    6. Bistrita County Emergency Hospital – ATI department and Infectious Diseases department – BISTRITA
    7. Municipal Hospital – Dr. Alexandru Simionescu – HUNEDOARA

The Romanian Scientific Society of Oxygen Ozone Therapy has provided all the necessary equipment and medical consumables for FREE .

The WFOT protocol was signed and already implemented in the Republic of Moldova, by the Association of Anesthesia and Resuscitation of the Republic of Moldova, Institute of Emergency Medicine of the Republic of Moldova, Association of Oxygen Ozone Therapy of the Republic of Moldova.

Investigational procedures for COVID19 and ozone therapy

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Investigational procedures for COVID19 and ozone therapy

In February, when COVID19 epidemic was declared in the north of Italy, the President, Vice-President and Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Committee contacted several Chinese doctors, including the Chairman of the Chinese Federation of Ozone Therapy to ask about the use of systemic ozone in their country. The replied after a while saying that ozone had been used for disinfection and only one hospital in Guangshan had treated COVID19 patients with good results but without idea of protocols used or an official document with verifiable information. Later on, we found the information about other 3 clinical trials being carried out in China using systemic ozone.

WFOT has not received official information about the results from the 3 trials coordinated by Tiajin University and Union Hospital in Wuhan nor from the trial in Guangshan People’s Hospital yet. Despite this, as the unofficial information from China is encouraging, our Scientific Advisory Committee, with the few details received from the protocol being used in China, the protocol developed by NuovaFIO and after a systematic review of the papers published about ozone therapy is working in a proposal for clinical studies. This proposal has been sent to doctors that have real chances to develop a clinical study strictly executable ONLY under formal authorization from hospital’s ethic committee or equivalent responsible authority.

The patients should be ALSO treated according the recommendations of the Health Authorities of the country, as the ozone treatment presently can only complement the official treatments.

We have the greatest interest in save lives with ozone therapy, if it is really useful as we have been told, in COVID19 patients, but we don’t want to encourage any doctor to use ozone with these patients without the mandatory official authorization. This will cause a very negative effect on the still weak reputation of ozone therapy in the scientific community.

WFOT and Covid-19 disease

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WFOT and Covid-19 disease

It is appearing more and more often in the media and social networks that ozone treatment could be useful in the treatment of this novel viral infection named Covid-19.

Taking into account that the recognized antiviral efficacy of the ozone molecule when used for disinfection at high concentration must not be confused with the scientifically proven therapeutic use of ozone.

Hoping that the efforts actually made by some Chinese hospitals to get approval from local ethics committees to perform clinical trials in specific cases of this viral infection will be supported by our strictest respect for the confidentiality and prudence that such an infection and its severity requires.

The Scientific Committee of WFOT declares:

WFOT will not support any information on the possible positive effects induced by ozone in Covid-19 patients, claiming for reports in the absence of strong and validated evidence, as required by a serious medical association.

WFOT scientific reputation requires us to keep our Chinese colleagues activity confidential, unless supported by consolidated scientific evidence.

WFOT also point out how unethical it is to propose our therapeutic method in a practically unexplored clinical field, which is also full of pitfalls. On the other hand, it appears to be more appropriate to express a certain discretion, being ready to respond to any request for help if either local or international Health and Political Organizations decide to request it.