WFOT and Covid-19 disease

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WFOT and Covid-19 disease

It is appearing more and more often in the media and social networks that ozone treatment could be useful in the treatment of this novel viral infection named Covid-19.

Taking into account that the recognized antiviral efficacy of the ozone molecule when used for disinfection at high concentration must not be confused with the scientifically proven therapeutic use of ozone.

Hoping that the efforts actually made by some Chinese hospitals to get approval from local ethics committees to perform clinical trials in specific cases of this viral infection will be supported by our strictest respect for the confidentiality and prudence that such an infection and its severity requires.

The Scientific Committee of WFOT declares:

WFOT will not support any information on the possible positive effects induced by ozone in Covid-19 patients, claiming for reports in the absence of strong and validated evidence, as required by a serious medical association.

WFOT scientific reputation requires us to keep our Chinese colleagues activity confidential, unless supported by consolidated scientific evidence.

WFOT also point out how unethical it is to propose our therapeutic method in a practically unexplored clinical field, which is also full of pitfalls. On the other hand, it appears to be more appropriate to express a certain discretion, being ready to respond to any request for help if either local or international Health and Political Organizations decide to request it.

WHO publishes the SOBOM-WFOT’s evidence map for ozone therapy

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WHO publishes the SOBOM-WFOT’s evidence map for ozone therapy

After many many hours of hard work made by the Sociedade Brasileria de Ozonioterapia Medica – SOBOM and this World Federation, with the help of the Virtual Health Library – BVS, belonging to the PanAmerican Health Office, we have finished and published the first map of evidences of ozonetherapy.

As part of the World Health Organization – WHO’s plan of integrating complementary therapies inside the “orthodox” stream of medicine, the publication of evidence maps of these therapies is a basic goal to do away with the preset idea in the medical population that these techniques do not have any scientific evidence of their safety and efficacy.

Fourteen systematic reviews and metaanalysis have been compiled and studied to build this map that shows graphically the quality of the evidence in the different indications referred to in the papers. SOBOM and WFOT are presently writing down this work in order to publish it in detail in a top scientific journal.

Access to the evidence map here!


Velio Bocci has passed away.

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Yesterday we were informed by the Family that Professor Velio Bocci had left us at 11pm on Sunday 13 October. We preferred to keep a day of silence before publicly expressing our sadness at the loss of a brilliant Scientist, a great Man and a fierce and strenuous Warrior .. Thank you Friend and Master for having spent most of your life in study and exaltation of Ozone Therapy in the World. Thanks for having supported this Federation during the past 4 years. We will continue in your battle and we promise to defend the prestige of your person in Italy and in the world.

2019’s Nobel Prize work: a surprising adaptive machinery activated by low oxygen throughout genes modulation.

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They identified the molecular mechanism that regulates the activity of genes in response to varying levels of oxygen.

A similar machinery that adapt cells inducing genes activation in response to oxidative stress and Ozone show parallel cellular mechanism.

According to the awarded’s work, when oxygen levels are normal, cells contain very little HIF-1α, a transcription factor that joins onto DNA to activate the synthesis of proteins that regulate the oxygen levels in the body. On the contrary, when oxygen levels are low, the amount of HIF-1α increases so that it can bind to and thus regulate the EPO gene as well as other genes with HIF-binding DNA segments (Figure 1).
Several research groups showed that HIF-1α, which is normally rapidly degraded, is protected from degradation in hypoxia. At normal oxygen levels, a cellular machine called the proteasome, recognized by the 2004 Nobel Prize in Chemistry to Aaron Ciechanover, Avram Hershko and Irwin Rose, degrades HIF-1α. Under such conditions a small peptide, ubiquitin, is added to the HIF-1α protein. Ubiquitin functions as a tag for proteins destined for degradation in the proteasome.

Figure 1

In the last years it is emerging the importance of another intracellular and ubiquitous protein that, differently from H1F, regulates the expression of antioxidant proteins that protect against oxidative damage triggered by injury and inflammation, the Nrf2 machinery (Figure 2). In normal condition and when the oxidative status of the cell is normal the Nrf2 is maintained at low level and, as occurs for HIF-1 α, it is marked with ubiquitin for
proteasome degradation. On the other hand, in case of mild oxidative stress, like that induced by adequate Ozone doses, the levels of Nrf2 increase and following the binding DNA segments it promotes the synthesis of proteins that induce a regulation of the redox status and not only: another surprising adaptive condition in order to maintain our cells health and protected either from hypoxia or from oxidative stress.


Figure 2

We can conclude that the importance of oxygen metabolism is fundamental for life on earth. For the above reason we are not surprised that our cells, during evolution, have equipped themselves with sophisticated machineries in the aim to maintain constant the vital functions even in extreme situations.
The discoveries of these metabolic pathways, such as the one that was worth the Nobel Prize to the 3 colleagues Kaelin, Ratcliffe and Semenza, are becoming clearer.

Cellular defense mechanisms linked to oxygen and oxidative stress are crucial for the live on the Earth.
The perfect machineries that defend the cell in extreme conditions.
The healing power of the human body, a perfect machine!!

Welcome, new members!

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In the past General Assembly (April 25th) 2 more society members were accepted:

  • Austrian association.
  • Moldavian association.

Other associations have recently applied and will be presented for acceptance in the next General Assembly yo be hold in Chile during the next FILAOT meeting.

And also several individual members, some of them from countries without a formal association.

Next General Assembly in Bucharest

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The next WFOT General Assembly will take place on 25th of May in Bucharest (Romania) during the XVIII edition of the SSROOT master classes organized by our President Dr. Stefan Tiron. In the next days, the members entitled to vote will receive an email with the agenda.

WFOT guidelines?

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Following a wide discussion at the last meeting of Guangzhou, it is in progress a strong work on a new official document that could support all the people associated to us and more. After our first theoretical document (“WFOT’s review on evidence based ozone therapy”) 3 years ago, many of you have asked us to develop clinical guidelines.

We apologize for the delay in preparing this document, that could be intended for a strong support to the daily practice of ozone therapy, trying not to impose methods or forbid others, but to justify scientifically our therapeutic decisions.

It is our aim produce a document which could be used as an international reference advise devoted to the Best Practice of ozone therapy, following the directives of the Scientific Advisory Board and hearing also the most recognized colleagues practicing ozone since its first uses in medicine.

We confirm, then, that we are hardly working on the document discussed in Guangzhou and, very soon, all the ozone therapists could have finally a support to their work. Any other news that could appear on the WEB regarding the possible support of WFOT and its members to Madrid Declaration or other documents not developed by us are not true.

All the re-founding members of WFOT, including our President Dr Tiron and our friend and colleague Dr. Nabil Mawsouf, decided to follow this new road – WFOT – to be faithful to our principles of reinforcing the image of ozone therapy worldwide and creating a unique Home of a unique Family by the use of science.

Dr. Stefan Tiron, new WFOT President for 2018-2020 period

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Dr. Stefan Tiron, new WFOT President for 2018-2020 period

On yesterday’s General Assembly, Dr. Tiron from Romania was elected new WFOT President for the years 2018-2020. The next WFOT Meeting will take place in Bucarest on October 2020 – final dates to be confirmed.

Dr. Stefan Tiron wants to expand the WFOT in Society and Corporate members and to enhance all the action lines of WFOT, specially the Education program.

Next General Assembly in Guangzhou

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The next WFOT General Assembly will take place during the VI WFOT Meeting in Guangzhou – China on 9th of November. We will elect the new officers for the Executive Board for the 2018 to 2020 period, including the President. The only candidate is Dr. Stefan Tiron from Romania, who will organize the VII WFOT Meeting in Bucarest if he is elected. In the next days, the members entitled to vote will receive an email with the agenda.

The biggest ozone association in the World

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The WFOT has become bigger after the last General Assembly celebrated on 8th of July.

We welcome the new members:

  • American Academy of Ozone Therapy
  • Mongolian Ozone and Alternative Therapies Association
  • Polish Ozone Association

and for the first time, a Corporate Member:

  • Zibo Qianyan Medical Instrument Co., Ltd

Currently we represent 31 countries throughout 23 National Associations, 9 National Sections and 2 Individual Members. We can proudly say that WFOT is the first Society, in terms of number of members worldwide. WFOT has always anchored best values of Good Clinical Practice in the field of Ozone Therapy and its Science.