Posted on 12 Sep 2020 in News WFOT

And can be a dangerous technique. A new paper from China has checked the production of chlorate in ozonated saline. Bocci in his well-known book “Ozone: a new medical drug” (1) devoted chapter 6.3 to explain the risk of using this procedure that, moreover and according reputed Russian chemists(2), does NOT leave ozone dissolved in the saline solution.

We again want to express that ozonated saline IS NOT ozone therapy, because NO OZONE remains in the solution according to the experiments published and because only other molecules, very different from ozone, interact with the patients blood. We don’t say it is not effective, but has nothing to do with ozone therapy from the biochemical point of view.

Not to talk about the lack of published preclinical tests of toxicity and mutagenicity. We can read a compilation of all tests done with ozone in rectal insufflation and indirect endovenous administration (even some test for intraperitoneal aproach) in a paper published by the Journal of Ozone Therapy(3).


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