President 2014-2016

Dr. José Baeza Noci – WFOT President

Dr. José Baeza Noci, is a graduate from the University of Valencia, School of Medicine (Spain). He obtained his Degree in Medicine in 1989 with high distinction. In 1992, he received his Doctorates in Medicine, graduating with Cum Laude latin honors. His dissertation was developed in the Morfological Sciences Department of the University of Valencia, titled “Escoliosis experimental por lesión directa del cartílago neurocentral,” directed by Dr. A. Martinez Almagro.

Dr. Baeza Noci’s scientific work has been recognized at an international level. Dr. Baeza Noci, also received his Master’s degree in 2007, in Health Management and Sanitary Systems at the European Institute of Health and Social Care—University of Alcalá de Henares (Madrid, Spain). He has been advisor of the Spanish Health Minister in Orthopedics and Trauma for five years. As one of the WFOT’s founders and board members, and now current President, Dr. Baeza Noci has also been associated with the following scientific organizations:

Member of the SOTOCAV
(Sociedad de Tramatologia y Ortopedia de la Comunidad Autónoma Valenciana)
Member of the SICOT
(Sociedad Internacional de Cirugía Ortopédica y Traumatología)
Member of the ISMISS
(International Society of Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery)
Member de la ACEOOT
(Asociación Científica Española de aplicación de Oxígeno-Ozonoterapia)
(until 2008) – Vice President (2005-2008)
Founding member of the SEOT
(Sociedad Española de Ozonoterapia)
-President since October 2009

Since 2002, Dr. Baeza Noci has been a practicing orthopaedic and trauma surgeon for the Hospital Virgen Del Consuelo in Valencia, Spain. He has devoted all his investigatory efforts to the ozone application in his field.

In February 2015, he started working again in the School of Medicine of the University of Valencia (Spain) as Professor of Human Anatomy.

During this year, he founded the Journal of Ozone Therapy, official journal of the WFOT, and become Editor-in-chief.

In November 2016, during the V WFOT Meeting, he was awarded with Franceso Ricardo Monti prize for the great merit of having managed as President of the WFOT, promoting research into ozone and simultaneously managing to unite under a single banner – WFOT – all national scientific societies of ozone therapy.

First WFOT’s President

In Memory of Dr. Vijay S. Kumar

WFOT Past President- Dr. Vijay S. Kumar

WFOT Past President- Dr. Vijay S. Kumar

As recipient of the Francesco Riccardo Monti Prize for his research in Oxygen-Ozone Therapy, Dr. Vijay S. Kumar – neurosurgeon trained in Chicago, USA- was the pioneering doctor who brought the practice of Ozone Therapy to India, in 2003 and co-founded the Ozone Forum of India in 2009.   As the WFOT’s past president and co-founder, Dr. Kumar truly believed that Ozone therapy was not only safe and accurate, but cost effective:

“The conventional treatment till now included microsurgery and endoscopic discectomy, which were invasive in nature. But these methods were occasionally prone to surgical failures and recurrence of disc prolapse. Ozone therapy, on the other hand, is a revolutionary non-surgical alternative that is not only safe and accurate, but is also more cost-effective.”

He peacefully passed away in 27th of February of 2012, surrounded by his family in New Delhi. He will always be remembered for his devotion to his students, patients and colleagues, as well as his diligence in furthering and having made formative contributions to the medical field of Ozone therapy. His work has paved a path for many.