Dr. He Xiaofeng – WFOT President 2016-2018

Dr. He Xiaofeng was graduated from the Third Military Medical University (Chongqing, China). He obtained his bachelor degree in Medicine in 1983. He also received his Doctor’s degree in the Imaging and Nuclear Medicine in the First Military Medical University (Guangzhou, China) in 2006. He was mainly engaged in the work of interventional therapy including the liver cancer, lumbar disc herniation and carotid artery stenosis. In 2000, he studied neuroradiology in Bologna University directed by Prof. Marco Leonardi and, at that time, he learned about the treatment of lumbar disc herniation with ozone. Therefore, he was the first person to develop the ozone therapy and trained thousands of physicians to carry out the work in China. He was also the chief editor of the books “The diagram of practical interventional therapy ” and “The clinical application of ozone therapy “. Since 2006, he has become the editor of the four interventional therapy magazines as Professor of interventional radiology. He won the “Francesco Riccado Monti Award” in the third WFOT Meeting in 2011.

As one of the WFOT’s founders and board members, Dr. He has also been associated with the following scientific organizations:

Chairman of the Ozone Treatment Professional Committee, Chinese Doctor Branch Association of World Pain Physicians Association*

Member of interventional radiology branch of Chinese Medical Association

Vice president of interventional group, branch of Radiology, Guangdong Provincial Medical Association

*He has not yet established an officially recognized medical ozone treatment association in China.