Dr Tiron

Dr. Stefan TIRON, is a graduate from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine, Bucharest ( Romania). He obtained his Degree in Medicine in 1985 with high distinction. In 1994, he received Diploma of specialist in orthopaedics surgery and traumatology, Bucharest , and Diploma of Sport’s Traumatology, University Pierre and Marie Curie, Faculty Pitie-Salpetriere (Prof. Rodineau)

In 2000 was Overspecialied in Sport’s Traumatology and Orthopaedics – University Hospital of College of London

In 2008 he founded the “Romanian Scientific Society of Oxygen Ozone Therapy” .  President since beginning.

From 2008 he founded the International Postgraduate Course of improvement in  ozone  therapy , ozone school who is organized with 3 University of Medicine and Pharmacy from Romania .

Has developed  the ozone therapy in Romania and trained thousands of physicians to carry out the work in the world

  • Member of the  Romanian College of Physicians
  • Founding member of the SSROOT
    (Romanian Scientific Society of Oxygen Ozone Therapy )
    President since 2008
  • Founding member of the ISCO3
    (The International Scientific Committee of Ozone Therapy)



  • General Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Family,Romania
  • Director of the Department for European Integration and Health Programmes, Ministry of Health,
  • Counsellor, National Health Insurance House
  • Representative of Romania at the European High Level Committee on Health
  • Co-ordinator of the international donors in the field of public health