Posted on 7 Sep 2017 in News WFOT

The attempt to harm the reputation of Prof. Velio Bocci and of some WFOT’s members is miserably failed: below the documents confirming Professor Bocci’s definitive resignation from ISCO3 and all satellite associations.

In WFOT’s inbox, we have received an email from Thomas de Vito, an Italian lawyer representing Professor Velio Bocci, with attached documents you can read below.

This email, in order to protect the prestige and the name of Prof Bocci,  asks WFOT to act as witness of his resignation from ISCO3 together with his comments on “Madrid Declaration” documents and on some ISCO3 behaviors.

Due to the great respect to Dr. Bocci, sure to interpret his instructions, we post below the Dr. Bocci’s resignation letter with comments on ISCO3 and some letters from Thomas de Vito to ISCO3 to assure the authenticity of this letter and his thoughts about ISCO3.

 letter of resignation from honorary ISCO3 presidency of Velio B

Bocci vs Isco 3


BOCCI vs ISCO 3 esp

carta de don velio bocci