Posted on 18 Jan 2019 in News WFOT

Following a wide discussion at the last meeting of Guangzhou, it is in progress a strong work on a new official document that could support all the people associated to us and more. After our first theoretical document (“WFOT’s review on evidence based ozone therapy”) 3 years ago, many of you have asked us to develop clinical guidelines.

We apologize for the delay in preparing this document, that could be intended for a strong support to the daily practice of ozone therapy, trying not to impose methods or forbid others, but to justify scientifically our therapeutic decisions.

It is our aim produce a document which could be used as an international reference advise devoted to the Best Practice of ozone therapy, following the directives of the Scientific Advisory Board and hearing also the most recognized colleagues practicing ozone since its first uses in medicine.

We confirm, then, that we are hardly working on the document discussed in Guangzhou and, very soon, all the ozone therapists could have finally a support to their work. Any other news that could appear on the WEB regarding the possible support of WFOT and its members to Madrid Declaration or other documents not developed by us are not true.

All the re-founding members of WFOT, including our President Dr Tiron and our friend and colleague Dr. Nabil Mawsouf, decided to follow this new road – WFOT – to be faithful to our principles of reinforcing the image of ozone therapy worldwide and creating a unique Home of a unique Family by the use of science.