Posted on 18 Nov 2019 in News WFOT

After many many hours of hard work made by the Sociedade Brasileria de Ozonioterapia Medica – SOBOM and this World Federation, with the help of the Virtual Health Library – BVS, belonging to the PanAmerican Health Office, we have finished and published the first map of evidences of ozonetherapy.

As part of the World Health Organization – WHO’s plan of integrating complementary therapies inside the “orthodox” stream of medicine, the publication of evidence maps of these therapies is a basic goal to do away with the preset idea in the medical population that these techniques do not have any scientific evidence of their safety and efficacy.

Fourteen systematic reviews and metaanalysis have been compiled and studied to build this map that shows graphically the quality of the evidence in the different indications referred to in the papers. SOBOM and WFOT are presently writing down this work in order to publish it in detail in a top scientific journal.

Access to the evidence map here!